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Account Verification
GIACT, an LSEG business, is the industry leader in payments and identity fraud prevention.

Mitigate risk, prevent fraud, verify ACH transactions, and ensure the legitimacy of customer identities in real-time across the full customer lifecycle.

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Identity Verification
Global Data Consortium, an LSEG business, provides frictionless, Electronic Identity Data Verification, using a broad, deep, trusted global network, to meet Customer Identification needs and enable trusted customer transactions.

Global Data Consortium provides verified, locally sourced, non-stored, compliant match rate data from over 70 countries.
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Trading workflow
LSEG Workspace offers extensive pre-trade analytics, news, pricing and other expert insight to help inform investment and hedging strategies. Discover a cutting-edge workflow solution designed for corporate treasury professionals that equips you with the information and analytics you need to effectively manage financial assets.

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Meet our TreasuryTech Partner, IBSFINtech

IBSFINtech is a leading global player in enterprise TreasuryTech solutions. Discover the future of treasury management with InTReaX®, IBSFINtech's next-generation, innovative, state-of-the-art SaaS Treasury Management System, designed to simplify organisations' complex treasury operations. InTReaX is a robust cloud-based solution for Cash, Liquidity, Trade Finance, FX, Investments, and debt management, powered by LSEG's worldwide and market-leading data and analytics. Meet with our experts at AFP 2023.

Meet our Global Account Verification Partner, Trustpair

Trustpair is the leading vendor fraud prevention platform for large companies worldwide. Since 2017, Trustpair helps finance teams secure their entire P2P process, thanks to account validation automation. The solution offers intuitive risk management and integrates directly with existing tools for more efficiency.

  • The most reliable account ownership verification worldwide, leveraging unrivaled validation technology and millions of data points from internal and external data sources.
  • Native integrations with existing software (Procurement, ERP, TMS). Account ownership verifications are systematically done directly within this ecosystem.
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Account Verification and Identity Verification

The Customer & Third-Party Risk business of LSEG offers organizations a competitive advantage by helping them efficiently navigate risks with solutions that avoid reputational damage, legal action, operational inefficiency and regulatory non-compliance.

Refinitiv, GIACT and GDC are brands within the Customer & Third-Party Risk business of LSEG, and our solutions include risk screening services through World-Check, identity verification through GDC, account verification and customer onboarding services through GIACT.

LSEG Workspace

LSEG Workspace offers extensive pre-trade analytics, news, pricing and other expert insight to help inform investment and hedging strategies.

A next-generation workflow experience, Workspace provides access to cross-asset data, multi-asset risk monitoring & price discovery, funding & investment analysis, market leading transaction platforms for hedge execution and valuations as well as ESG content and analytics – all on your preferred device, and seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows and treasury management system (TMS).

  • Find comprehensive information and valuable insights on market monitoring, funding, investments, liquidity, risk management, hedging, and ESG with the ‘CORPT’ app. 
  • Combine Workspace’s pre-trade data, news and analytics with the electronic capabilities of our award-winning FXall platform for executing FX trades.
  • Get exclusive access to Reuters News, plus 10,000 other sources in multiple languages, and real-time broker research from 1,300 sources.
Meet the team


  • Brian Jenkins, Senior Sales Manager
  • Michael McHale, Senior Sales Specialist GIACT
  • Steven Miller, Senior Sales Specialist

  • Ben Campbell, Senior Sales Specialist


  • Andrew Hollins, Director of FX & Corporate Treasury Desktop
  • Sean Barry, FX Proposition Sales
  • Adil Rizvi, Proposition Sales Corporate Treasury
  • Charaf Sekkat, Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Courtenay Cruger, Senior Account Manager
  • Jim Ball, Sales Director, FX Solution Sales
  • Laura Lifland, FX Senior Sales Specialist
  • CM Grover (IBSFINtech), MD & CEO at IBSFINtech